Eye on Art Team was founded in 2018 to provide information and advice on Asian visual arts. Our team has together some 80 years long experience on research and study on Indian, Southeast and East Asian culture. We would like to share it with You! Our main purpose is to help collectors and Finnish museums to identify their Asian artefacts by explaning the myths and beliefs behind them. We also encourage people to make further research on Asian art. Our monthly blog in Finnish introduces popular collectible items. We also answer questions in English via email.


IreneWLM_BW_nelioPh.D., Art historian Irene Wai Lwin Moe (nee Moilanen, b. 1958 in Kuopio, Finland) is a specialist of Buddhist art and Southeast Asia. She graduated from Jyvaskyla University after studying and making research on history and anthropology of Asian art and religion, mythology and symbolism. She has done extensive field work in several Asian countries since 1985. Irene’s doctoral thesis is on woodcarving traditions in Myanmar (in English). Since then she has taught art history in several schools and institutes and has worked in many art museums and cultural history museums. During three years 2006-2009 she lived in United Arab Emirates and Singapore. At the moment Irene works as a popular lecturer, freelance writer and art exhibition producer in Finland and abroad.

Contact Irene, when you have a question on Indian, Chinese or Southeast Asian artworks and artefacts. Irene can help you when you a puzzled by symbols and myths related to Asian religions.

Tuula_BW_nelioPrintmaker, book artist Tuula Moilanen (b. 1959 in Kuopio, Finland) is a specialist in Japanese woodblock printmaking, traditional hand papermaking and bookbinding. Tuula lived over 20 years in Kyoto, Japan working there as professional artist. She wrote her doctoral thesis on symbols of time in Japanese woodblock prints (in Finnish) at Aalto University in Helsinki. She has also taught woodblock printmaking in Aalto University and Academy of Fine Arts in Finland, and has held special workshops on bookbinding, papermaking and Japanese mokuhanga in Finland, Japan and USA.  Check Tuula’s exhibitions and current art courses at: tuulamoilanen.com

Contact Tuula, when you own a Japanese ukiyo-e print, woodblock printed old book or artwork and wish to know more about it.


We welcome any questions about Asian art. Send a photo of the artwork, both sides in case of a sculpture. Add information about time and place of you purchase, as well as its material. Do not forget to include your full name and e-mail. Your personal information is safe with us. We try to answer you as soon as possible. eyeonart.team (at) gmail.com

Please NOTE: We do not give estimation on the possible price/value of artefacts and cannot guarantee their age or authenticity based solely on a photo. E-mail service is free of charge.

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